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its a Japanese word for monster


This is when the peace of the film disruppted and something bad happens 

Enigma Code

The enigma code is a puzzle/riddle that is supposed to tease the audience and create tension. 


An ideology is system of values, attitude and beliefs that which an individual, group or society holds to be true or important.Ideas + Values

Mise en Scene

Mise en Scene is the french term for everything in the scene/frame. 
setting, make-up, costume, placement of actors, props, lighting, colour etc


Who? What? How?

Hollywood Timeline - RKO 

RKO is the oldest of the continuously operating movie studios.

1915 between 1948
RKO divest their theater holdings, they maintained their hold over distribution and began increasing their profits throughout.

October 23, 1928
The Founders David Sarnoff and Joseph P. Kennedy

February 23, 1930
‘The case of sergeant Grischa’ was Oscar nomination for best sound recording.
Directed by Herbert Brenon
Actors - Chester Morris, Betty Compson, Jean Hersholt and Alec B. Francis

February 23, 1940
‘Pinocchio’ was also produce by Walt Disney
Directed by Ben Sharpsteen and Hamilton Luske
Voiceover – Cliff Edwards and Dickie Jones
Most audiences agree is a good film because it has lots of tough situations to success also knowing from right to wrong. Which it made audience emotional.

February 15, 1950
‘Cinderella’ was produce by Walt Disney production
Directed by Clyde Geronimi, Hamitlton Luske and Wilfred Jackson
Voiceover – Iiene Woods and Eleanor Audley
It has a good fairy tale story because it very adventures and magical visual.

 1960s to 1970s
American films become more adventurous such as Easy Rider, Wild Bunch and Indiana Jones. The company did independent films rather producing their own.

1989 General Tire sold RKO pictures.
2 narrative structures

Genre Analysis

La Haine - Representation

Kidulthood - Representation