Thursday, 8 October 2015


Directed by Newt Arnold.

Genre - Action/Martial Arts and Based on a True Story.

Target Audience – This film is aimed for males, any audience who likes Martial Arts like Chinese audience are the most. Older audience who likes based on true story.

Ideology – Martial Arts, Weapons, Punching Bag and Blood.

Story line – Is about a Martial Arts fighter Frank Dux. He goes to Kumite to prove himself to honor his Master.

Narrative Structure –

The start of the film shows the established area where the Kumite is. The music from the beginning introduce with Chinese low drum beats and builds up as soon it shows all various Martial Arts Fighters Training from around the world.

The Main Character Frank Dux is training in the army, a soldier informs Frank to go and see the Colonel. Frank is having a shower, a soldier is waiting and checks on him but he has escaped.

The soldier immediate informs the Colonel that Frank has escaped, the Colonel orders 2 agents to go and get Frank back.

Frank walks up to an old Chinese house, to see his master. An old woman let Frank in and told him to ‘wait here’. Frank looks at the Samurai sword, the music starts with a slow Violin while Frank is remembering the old times that Frank sneaked in the house to have a look at the sword, a young boy turned and stopped Frank as thought he was stealing. The master stopped the fight and offered Frank to train. During training, Frank did not like the training as he is used as a punching bag for the master son. Few years later the master son died, Frank asked if the master could train Frank. The master accepts.

Frank finished remembering, he goes to his master room, to inform that he is ready to fight at the Kumite, the master replied if Frank is sure he wants to do it. Frank replied back ‘I want to fight to honor for you’, the master accepts.

The scene establishes that frank is in China; he enters in a hotel and bumps into a big man name Ray Jackson. Frank realised that Ray is here for the kumite. Them both became friends.

Frank and Ray enters in the Kumite starts with a tense music when them both are walking through a very dark narrow corridor with rooms full of Chinese gangsta.

Music stopped as soon them both enters in the Kumite room, gives the invitation form, the security are not sure about Frank because he does not look like Chinese and was trained by a professional master. The security told Frank to prove if he can do Dim Mark (Death Punch).

There are 5 bricks are layered, Frank has to break the bottom brick from punching the top brick, all Martial Fighters gathers around to watch Frank. The Music starts with slow tense Violin sound while Frank is meditating then the music goes with a bang when he finally broke the bottom break.

All Fighters are Surprise. One of the muscular fighter said to Frank that Brick do not hit back.

The Kumite fight begins with a Bloodsport – Stan Bush – Fight to Survive soundtrack.

During the music, the scene shows all different fighters fighting each other included Frank and Ray.

The next fighter whose name Chong Li who is the most best champion fighter. The audience chant Chong Li while getting on fight stage and fights with Hong Kong fighter, Chong Li won the fight with the world record fastest knockout. Old tense violin music begins, as Frank is shocked.

Next day fight still continues, Ray is fighting with Chong Li and Ray is losing. Chong Li stumps Rays head and Frank shouts ‘’NO!!!!’’ because he does not want Ray to die.

Ray is in Hospital, Frank informs that he will fight Chong Li as a revenge for Ray.

Next day, Frank and Chong Li fights, Frank is winning. Chong Li threw a white powder to Frank eyes to blind him. Frank can’t see and he gets very angry that he can’t see but he remained calm and trying to remember the old times in training. Frank was ready then Chong Li was about to kick him but Frank dodge and he fight back. Frank won the fight.

At the end 2 agents finally found Frank and got him back where he comes from. The music at the end used the song call Stan Bush – Fight to survive. The end.

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